Consulta Ayurveda Interna

Ayurveda allows us to have more intimate and honest contact with our essence, provides the alignment of our routine and life purpose.

Ayurveda Online Consultation with Dr Priscilla Marinissen

About me: Hi, I’m Priscilla Marinissen, I started my journey with Ayurveda in 2015 and among others I graduated from Sampoorna College in the United States, Chopra in Ayurveda and Meditation. And all my practices were in India (Kerala) at Apthasree Ayurveda in India with renowned doctors in India, treating patients with different diseases and closely seeing each improvement in each one’s life. And I also specialize in rejuvenation, how you look younger than your age, without having to use products that will cause damage to your health, where you enhance your own natural beauty.

How the Online Consultation works:

Prior evaluation of the appointment, once confirmed 48 hours before the date and time
chosen schedule, you fill out a very detailed questionnaire about your history
medical and personal health, including lifestyle and eating habits, as well as
a test to determine your natural constitution and these forms will be evaluated
by me before your first appointment. I should also ask to send some photos
to know your body type, as it is also fundamental for the delivery of our
evolution and results.

In the first consultation we meet, you will tell me what motivates you with
your consultation with me and we will determine your natural constitution, and tell you which
elements and Doshas that predominate in its nature. I will present you with a diagnosis
of your biotype, I will guide you about identified imbalances and explain the treatment plan
treatment, we will talk a lot about all the issues that affect you, and I will
explain all behaviors that need to be adjusted. From then on I will be available via
Whatsaap guiding you whenever I need it.

You will receive your Ayurvedic Self-Care Guide, a plan made under
measure for you, which brings all the information about your body type, habits and practices
that favor you and the treatment plan prescribed in the consultation. I also send you the
ebook Recipes that promote balance, which brings together some of the best recipes
therapeutic effect, to help you with your eating routine during and after treatment.

In the following consultations we will work with the changes that will be
convenient to introduce into your diet, lifestyle and emotional management and link.
Also taking the opportunity to add yoga and meditation practices and the use of plants
medicinal treatments and specific body massages to balance your mind and body. Then
are valuable tools for your daily self care that allow us to move towards
your health and well-being.