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Sports nutrition

What is sports nutrition? It is possible to have even more powerful results with a change in diet, due to the relationship between nutrients in the body. Among the objectives of this change in eating habits are the elimination of fat and the gain of lean mass. Excessive physical exertion can cause physiological changes and nutritional exhaustion.
Therefore, it is necessary to understand the right way to eat.

Sports nutrition is considered a nutrition specialty aimed at serving athletes and people who perform regular physical activities and those who want to enhance performance and change body composition. It is also worth highlighting the possibility of making people healthier, improving performance in sports.
Individuals looking to improve their performance and modify their body composition tend to adopt Sports Nutrition, which is why it has been gaining market share in gyms. In addition to aiming for healthier individuals, the sports nutritionist works to improve the
performance of their patients when practicing sports.
Thus, the basis of this science is the combination of the benefits of these two pillars of good health: exercise and nutrition.

Sports Nutritionist: In addition to understanding what Sports Nutrition or even functional Sports Nutrition is, it is also necessary to know the professional in the area: the sports nutritionist, this professional must analyze the lifestyle and eating practices of individuals and
be present in sports environments, gyms, offices and others. In professional athletes, this professional is integrated into a multidisciplinary team, with consultations that analyze the patient’s history and habits and create personalized eating plans,
aiming to balance the body and improve performance.

In terms of nutrition, the important micro and macronutrients for good performance are analyzed, considering hydration and quantity. Therefore, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge about the physical exercise routine, considering the times in which
that are carried out, so that there are sufficient energy and protein loads for recovery
of the muscles. The sports nutritionist also decides on the use of supplements.

I hope you can start this journey together! Consultation carried out via video call via Zoom meeting. With Dr Priscilla Marinissen

Schedule your appointment via WhatsApp or the website All appointments are paid at the time of booking. After scheduling through our calendar on our web side, you will be directed to the payment link.

Access can be done either via computer or cell phone, as long as you have a camera and audio access. The defined objectives and the form of service are the same as those
in person.

Duration of one and a half hours or, depending on the case, may be longer. Every consultation is entitled to a free return, which lasts 30 minutes or, in more specific cases, even longer.

Common questions

Cancellation must be made up to 7 days before the appointment. The rules fall under the
internet purchasing rules, with a period of seven days to cancel purchases made
period from the date of payment.

Scheduling via whatsapp or website: and guidance on
next steps.

Fill out an online form, stating your goals, eating routine and

You will take your measurements and photos, according to the instructions you will receive in the
time of scheduling.

Via video call, we will put together your diet together! At the end, you will receive your plan
complete food and with rich support material.

The sports nutritionist will help you, through nutrition, to enhance the results of
your physical activity. If your goal is to lose weight, define, gain lean mass or perform more
In a sporting activity, you need adequate nutrition for it.

During the first consultation we will assess your current nutritional status, your exercise routine and
your goals. With this, we will be able to stipulate how many consultations will be necessary and why
how much time. Each consultation lasts an average of 1h00.


In addition to dietary and clinical history, we will also perform an anthropometric assessment to
determine your body composition measurements and weight, fat percentage and circumferences
body or assessment by photos and circumferences.
With each consultation, new goals will be established. Together, we put together your new plan
food and we will decide the best strategy that fits your current stage.
You already leave the consultation with the diet set up, as well as support material to help you with
the entire process.
We are available for queries via WhatsApp and email throughout the period.

The meal plan is completely personalized. It is assembled during the consultation, with your
participation. We consider your routine, your preferences and availability, so it is
easier to follow the diet. We will calculate exactly what you need, according to your
goal. You will also receive a list of substitutions, allowing you to vary the
diet throughout follow-up.

A Nutrologist is a doctor who treats food-related diseases. As a doctor, you can
prescribe medications. The Nutritionist is the professional qualified to prescribe the
diet, which can act both in the prevention of diseases and in the treatment of diseases

The sports nutritionist will develop a diet and supplementation strategy to help you
achieve your goals, aesthetic or performance.

The sports nutritionist does not prescribe medications, hormones or training – these
These are the functions of other professionals.

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