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Integrative Medicine

Preventive medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Medicine and complementary practices for your well-being

Preventive Medicine

Working to prevent possible health problems and improve quality of life.
This medical area brings together a set of prevention techniques and strategies that result in early interventions in the course of possible diseases.
We act proactively, working to eliminate risks that indicate the emergence or even worsening of a certain illness in the future.

Preventive medicine establishes daily care that helps promote well-being, such as carrying out periodic exams, adopting a balanced and healthy diet, practicing regular physical exercise and supplementing with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and hormones depending on the need. of each individual.
Benefits of Preventive Medicine

Look beyond the isolated symptoms of the already established disease.
Identifying diseases in their initial stages allows for more effective treatment. As we know, the vast majority of these diseases have a better prognosis when detected early.
See some examples of advantages in practice.

Functional Medicine

Science-based and individual-centered. It is used effectively in the treatment of chronic diseases.

The concept combines traditional practices and techniques with high technology in health, and uses them for the prevention and promotion of health in a comprehensive manner.

Instead of focusing on disease, functional medicine focuses on health.

Physical, mental and emotional health

Illnesses or health conditions result from imbalances that occur in our body, resulting from interactions with the environment, lifestyle, emotional factors and family medical history.

More than a cure, it seeks to understand what the body is trying to say with each symptom and disease, in order to make the body more resistant and less susceptible to imbalances.

The 5 fundamental principles that guide the process carried out in this specialty

Patient Individuality

Each patient responds to external stimuli individually according to their genetic factors, beliefs, experiences, eating habits, etc.

Full understanding of the patient

The interactive approach understands the patient’s reality and the context that led him to manifest those symptoms. Thus, it is possible to identify the origin of the problem.

Care for the patient, not the disease

The patient is seen as a whole, treatment is not just about illnesses or diagnoses.

Health is more than the absence of disease

For integrative medicine, health is a vital state of mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Balance between internal and external factors

The patient’s environment must be in harmony with the biological processes that affect the immune, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems.

What is the Consultation like?

The patient is analyzed in all aspects, with a humanized perspective. Therefore, a series of factors are evaluated, such as:
Environment in which it is located;
Physical activity;
Sleep quality;
People you live with;
Leisure time;
Satisfaction with work;
Benefits for the patient:
Greater quality of life;
Greater productivity;
Reduction of spending on illness;
Prevention of serious illnesses;
Fuller, healthier and happier longevity;


Intravenous serum therapy with essential nutrients improves health, promotes recovery and optimizes the body’s functioning.

Replenish nutrients through serum therapy.

Intravenous Therapy
Faster and more effective health restoration

Its safe and effective supplementation, with rapid absorption of substances injected into the body, must always be adapted to the needs of each patient, always respecting the patient’s biochemical characteristics and history to guarantee a more effective result.

This Orthomolecular practice seeks to solve problems of vitamin-mineral deficiency, compensating for inadequate absorption of nutrients, whether orally, changes in the intestine or digestive tract, or even through food.
Total absorption, no losses!
Unlike medications or nutrients administered orally, which are not completely absorbed by the body through serum therapy, we guarantee total absorption and optimization of nutrients.

How it works?

Integrative medicine aims to treat the patient as a whole, starting with an individualized medical assessment and carrying out exams such as the Mineralogram, in this way, the orthomolecular practice will be precise, identifying the patient’s needs so that intravenous therapy can be carried out, allowing for restoration the patient’s health and quality of life.

Who is the treatment indicated for?
Injectable therapies are recommended for anyone and for various nutritional imbalances, intoxications and even disease prevention, as long as they are provided with medical guidance and in accordance with the patient’s needs.

Benefits of injectable therapy