Matrix Pearl Bracelet

About Mother-of-Pearl
Mother-of-pearl is considered a stone of protection and maternal nourishment. It is also known for attracting prosperity and shielding us from negative energies by transmuting them and purifying the environment.

Taking Care of Your Jewelry:
Our pieces are handmade and all contain natural stones, so they deserve special care. Be mindful not to drop them or hit them against hard or rough surfaces, as this can damage their delicate natural structures. Damages like this are not covered by the warranty. Taking good care of your pieces will help maintain their beauty, shine, and longevity.

Here are some useful tips on how to care for and maintain your pieces:
How to Store:
Store your Dokai Beauty accessories separately – it ensures protection and makes it easy to locate your piece. Avoid storing your pieces in the bathroom or any other humid place.

How to Clean:
All Dokai Beauty pieces should be cleaned using only a clean, dry, and soft cloth.

Everyday Care:
It is advisable to wash your pieces with clean, potable water immediately after swimming, bathing, exercising, or engaging in other physical activities. Avoid excessive contact with makeup, creams, perfumes, and lotions.

Special Care: Natural Stones
Never let your stones be in direct contact with water for extended periods, and do not rub them forcefully – as this can damage the nacre or the natural structure of the mineral, making it impossible to repair the piece. Minimize constant friction and impact on the stones; some natural stones are more sensitive.
Dokai Beauty does not guarantee that the shine of your pieces will last forever. The speed at which the material’s shine fades depends on various factors – chemicals used on the skin, level of perspiration, or even the pH of your skin. For this reason, it is crucial to take care of your pieces and polish them with a special cloth


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